The image is very obvious, as soon as you see it, you think that’s not real, must be photo shopped, as if anywhere or how would a lake would be so pink. It would be a easy task to change the water, making it seem like it was manipulated. Wouldn’t think there was a lake such a vibrant pink.

Lake Retba in Senegal is located in north west Africa, the colouration of the water is from the high salt concentration. Caused by the Dunaliella salina bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s salt content. The bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight. The water of lake changes from mauve to deep pink in colour, depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight.



Neil Dawson is a New Zealand sculptor. He’s known for his large scales of artwork made from aluminiun and stainless steel.  This artwork above is “Horizons,’ located in New Zealand in a large private park owned by Alan Gibbs, an entrepreneur.

The sculptor reminds me of Claes Oldenburg, who made public art installations of everyday objects in very large scale.

The sculptor looks fake, from the contrast of the landscape and this giant handkerchief that looks like a cartoon. This image is most effective compared to the other angled shots as this one you can see the shadow of the structure, in other images depending on angle and time of day you can see the shadow of the sculptor. Looks like someone has gotten the pen tool and draw it in, the lines are very sharp and the mesh at the back looks fake. The lines has given it depth of 3D but you expect a 2D back ground like in cartoons.


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